Confusion.  When human beings are overloaded with varying opinions and conflicting reports we are faced with the need to take a step back and process all we are hearing and seeing.  Sometimes the more we try to process all this information, the more confused we become.  Eventually many people just shut down mentally and accept the easiest conclusion we can think of, hoping to move on.

But sometimes this simplistic method of coping with conflicting opinions and emotions can get us into trouble.  We take the easy way out of conflict hoping to just move on and end the confusion our brains and hearts are trying to sort out.

We want leaders who will clearly articulate their values and views, but when our leaders–political, social or religious—send us conflicting messages, we get confused and internally conflicted.  We want to believe the best in our leaders so we often tend to ignore facts or opinions that might cast doubt upon them.  Is this happening to the millions who follow Rick Warren?

No one will deny that Rick Warren has led many people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  His “Purpose Driven Life” book has been read by millions and used in numerous Bible studies around the world.  But has the success of that book and the accompanying fame changed Rick Warren?  Has he become addicted to the trappings of fame and popularity at the expense of the pure gospel?  Many think so as he sends out conflicting messages on Islam and homosexuality.

A question we need to ask ourselves is this:  Do we judge a man on what he says?  Or what he does?  And please do not give me that weak, tired argument that we are not to judge anyone.  While true we are not to judge the salvation of any man, scripture clearly tells us we are to make judgments on one another as Christians,   confronting one another when we see sin or false teachings.  Jesus did it with the Pharisees and Paul did it with the other Apostles and the church of his time.

The Christian Church in America faces some very challenging times.  She is under attack from the secular culture and media and our rights as Christians are being stripped slowly but surely by new laws and regulations.  Many of our youth are leaving the church and will never return.  In a time of crisis we need leaders who are strong, principled and consistent; not leaders who change their views to appease whomever they happen to be speaking to on a particular day.

Have we fallen into a devious trap set by Satan that teaches we are never to question our Christian leaders anymore?  Is it in our best interest to simply blindly follow our leaders no matter what they say or do?  Do we believe just because they are anointed or appointed as leaders that they are infallible?  If that is indeed what we believe we are in serious, serious trouble.

Jesus spoke out boldly against the religious teachers of his day because they were hypocrites and they were leading people astray.  Paul commended the Bereans for not taking anything he taught as truth and checking it against the scriptures to determine its truth and validity.  But sadly these days, with biblical illiteracy at an all time high, many seem to be choosing to just accept what they are taught as truth because we are too busy to actually read what God’s Word says about the issues of our time.  If this continues we are in very serious trouble as a church.

No leader—political or religious—should ever be followed blindly.  Every one of them must be held accountable for their words and actions.  That is our duty as Christians, a duty we seem to be ignoring more and more these days—at a time when we can least afford to.