The BibleWith all the new movements out there within Christianity, it is easy to feel overwhelmed as a Believer and just throw our hands up.  Social Justice, the Emergent Church, Chrislam, the New Apostolic Reform and the move toward New Age Christianity seem to be taking hold everywhere.

While there is no official alliance between these movements, there is a common thread that goes through each of them—the Word of God seems insufficient.  These movements all have one thing in common—they somehow add to the written Word as if it is not sufficient or powerless to reach the lost or fully enrich the lives of Christian believers.

The truth is every time we try to add to the gospel or put our own little spin of human wisdom on it, we only hamper or diminish its power.  The gospel is the sole source of hope for fallen man, and any attempts to embellish or change it to reach the lost is futile.  In n1 Corinthians 4, Paul teaches us that the Word of God is sufficient and we should not go beyond what is written in it.  But the folly of man leads us to believe we can improve upon that which is already perfect, as if God needs our wisdom and help to accomplish what he wants to accomplish.

Attempts at finding common ground with false religions, or making the gospel more “seeker friendly” will only result in failure.  The pure, untainted gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ alone has the power to save fallen man, but as humans we just can’t leave well enough alone.  We get confused about our role in sharing the Good News, thinking we are far more important than we really are.  We think our “added wisdom” will somehow make the difference, enlightening people when all we are really doing is creating confusion.

Our role is actually pretty simple:  Believe in our hearts, live like we mean it, and share the gospel with the lost.  The rest is up to God.  He causes the seed to grow and once it does all we need do is nurture and strengthen that seed with God’s Word so it establishes a strong root system.

But man just cannot help overestimating our power to persuade, turning our backs on the pure power of the gospel in favor of our own agenda.  All we are accomplishing is to create confusion that will do nothing to reach the lost with the gift of eternal life.  And the last thing we need in Christianity these days is more confusion.  We need to return to the basics of our faith and stop trying to add to the perfection of the gospel.