"TUESDAY" production signNext Tuesday, Wisconsin citizens will be given the opportunity to exercise one of the most important freedoms we have—the right to vote and elect our next set of leaders.  Now much of the attention is on the Presidential race and the recall elections of Governor Walker and certain State Senators, but in many districts there will be another crucial choice we face that too often goes virtually unnoticed.   Many dedicate private citizens will be running for positions on their local school boards.

We have covered the shenanigans of the NEA at length on this show, but local school boards still have a lot of power in the implementation of school curricula and policies within the school district.  Who we elect to our local school boards is a crucial choice we make and it will have lasting affects on the education and future of our children.

Now, we’re all very busy these days, trying to make financial ends meet and handle the pressures of every day life.  But the choices we make next Tuesday will go a long way toward laying out the future of our state and our nation—but who we elect as School Board members is every bit as important in many ways.  If we send our children to public schools, we are in essence partnering with the public education system in the moral upbringing of our children.  Hopefully parents take time to know a person we ask to babysit our children when they are young, so we should also make a solid effort to know the people who will be making local decisions on the direction of the education of our children these days.

Learn who is running for your local school board and pick up the phone to call them and learn about their views on God and public education.  They will have a profound effect on your children for several years.  The right to vote is one of the most powerful tools we have to define our future. so pray, research and choose wisely.