Are you an ambassador for Christ? God has a supernatural way of taking our ministry, our passion and our desire to reach the world, and either bless those efforts–or not. Today there is a push in many ministries, church programs and nonprofit organizations to measure what works and what doesn’t for maximum growth. How do you gauge whether your ministry is successful? Is it about “nickles and noses,” as popular growth-driven models tell us, or is it about the impact of Christ in our lives, as only the Holy Spirit can ordain? And what happens when these two don’t align, especially when — just like our ministry at Stand Up For The Truth — your church and your ministry depends on numbers and vital dollars to operate?

Today we’re talking about ministry work with folks like you who have had years of experience. And we’d love for you to share your thoughts as a ministry leader. What wisdom can you share with our listeners today? Email us, or post on our website today and we’ll read your comments on air.

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Dave Wager, who has 30 years of ministry experience, is here with us today.  Dave is the author of several books and the  president of Silver Birch Ranch and Nicolet Bible College in northern Wisconsin.