It is our human nature to procrastinate.  Generally we wait until a crisis is upon us before we react.  We get busy with every day duties and tend to not look too far into the future to anticipate potential issues headed our way.  This certainly seems to be happening with American Christianity and the growth of Islam.

Those that are watching the growth of Islam in our nation generally come down into one of two camps:  One group believes Islam is no threat to our nation or to Christians in our nation; the other camp seems to believe every Muslim in our nation is a terrorist in training, just waiting for the call to “jihad” to overthrow our nation and persecute Christians.  As usual, the truth is probably somewhere in between those extreme beliefs.

Muslims who are here legally have every right as Americans to worship as they believe best.  I’m sure many of them are peaceful people who have come here for the same reason every other immigrant has come—to try to earn a slice of the American dream.  But to think there is not a network of radical Muslims here waiting to cause serious problems is just plain naïve.  It has happened in Africa, Asia and Europe—and it will happen here in America.

This reality places American Christians in quite a sensitive position.  As Americans, we cherish our freedoms and the thought of radical Muslims one day threatening those freedoms does not sit well with us.  On the other hand we are called by Jesus to make disciples of all nations and people, sharing the complete gospel of salvation with them.  We are to care more for their eternal souls than we are to worry about their temporal goals or plans.

I am encouraged that locally some Christian leaders are starting to educate Christians on Islam, as the growth of new Muslims into our community begins to accelerate.  As I have stated on air many times, we cannot afford to approach Islam out of ignorance or fear—we must be grounded in our knowledge of Islam so we are prepared to reach out to Muslims with the gospel and also be aware of the real challenges we face as the Muslim population grows in our community.

Logo at the Nation of Islam headquarters in In...Our community and nation will be going through more dramatic change as our economic and social systems continue to be under pressure.  There is no going back to those simpler days of the past.  As Christians we must be prepared with enough knowledge of Islam to address the changes we will be facing.  And, most importantly, we must be prepared to share our Christian faith with Muslims and everyone who is still lost.  Our mission in this life is to glorify God and share the gospel of salvation with the lost.  I think we are going to have ample opportunity to do that in the coming years—so prepare your selves.