Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkeyLeadership is crucial to every organization—business, church and family.  Leaders set the vision and tone and excellent leadership inspires everyone to play their role in the success of any organization.

As Christian men we know that Jesus is the perfect example of leadership.  When a situation required strength, he was strong; when compassion was needed he exhibited compassion, and when a gentle hand was required, he was there to encourage.  Jesus, not any earthly leader, needs to be our role model in becoming leaders at home, work and at church.

Jesus also exhibited one other crucial quality of leadership—he was uncompromising in his principles.  He did not compromise his principles for short-term gain or convenience.  He knew there were certain lines that should never be crossed, no matter what the circumstances.

Jesus also realized the importance of building up future leaders.  He poured his life into twelve men, knowing one would betray him and the rest would be scattered in fear upon his death.  He got frustrated at times when those following him just didn’t get it, but he remained faithful to his purpose and continued to teach, edify and rebuke them when necessary.

Husbands are the biblical heads of our households and wives and children are taught to submit to our leadership.  But this does not give us license to lord our authority over our wives and children, demanding obedience.  Leadership is not a privilege—it is a responsibility.  It carries more duties than perks.  Leadership does not give us license to do what we want to do—it demands that we do what we need to do for the good of those we lead.

The Apostle Paul tells husbands and wives to submit to one another in love.  Our wives play a crucial part in leadership of our families and men should rely heavily on them for wisdom and discernment.  They must know they have the freedom to challenge us when we seem to be making decisions that do not honor God.

If you look at leadership as a privilege instead of a responsibility, you are looking at leadership the wrong way.  As husbands and fathers, God will hold us accountable for how we lead and the fruit we bear for him.

Men we must also step up and become leaders in our local churches.  We must stop looking at our pastors as hired employees there to serve us—they need our help and as leaders we must be there to help them carry the burden of leadership God has given them.

In Matthew Chapter 20, Jesus says “whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant…just as the Son of man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Men, the burden is clearly on us.  Will we lead and serve as Jesus did?  Are we willing to put the needs of others ahead of our own?  Are we willing to lay our lives down for our wives as Jesus did for his bride?   If we are not, then we are not fit to lead.