In Hebrews we are taught that without faith it is impossible to please God.  Faith is what the Christian life is all about—we worship a God we cannot see, and believe in faith that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died and rose from the dead.  We have no empirical truth that these facts are truth—no visible proof we can show a skeptical world—we just believe and have faith.

But, consistent with our fallen human nature, some are out there trying to twist something as simple as faith, making it in to something it should not be.  There are some using the word “faith” to mislead Christians with the intent of lining their own pockets.  They encourage people by saying things like “You can’t out give God”—but then of course, conveniently you can begin to cash in on the formula by giving to their ministry.

To some of these leaders, it’s all about how God wants us to be wealthy in this life time.  But not once did Jesus encourage us to pursue earthly wealth—in fact he told us not to obsess on it.  He warned us that no man can serve two masters—money and God—that man would come to love one and hate the other.

Even worse are some of the other teachings many of these leaders share—that Jesus was defeated on the cross; that Jesus is powerless to do anything without our faith; and that when God created the animals he didn’t even know what they were—that Adam had to speak life into them.

Real faith is absolutely essential to the life of a Christian.  Without faith in who God is and His promises, at best we lead a life of defeat—and at worse we will spend eternity separated from Him.  But our faith must be in Him—not in our faith.  We possess no magic power just because we have faith.  God is not a god we can manipulate by having just the right amount of faith.  He is God, from whom all good things come—and he alone chooses who to bless and how.

So have faith in God—real faith.  Know He loves us and will provide for our needs, even in the darkest of times.  Know we have eternal life in Him because of our faith in what Jesus did for us.  But be careful that you are not persuaded to put your faith in the wrong things.  There are no guarantees in the bible regarding health, wealth or prosperity.  All we have is faith—and real faith means we accept what God gives us or does not give us—faith that He alone knows what is best for us in this lifetime.

Know that God truly wants what is best for us as His children in this lifetime.  Just don’t fool yourself into thinking that it automatically equates to health, wealth and prosperity.  That is God’s call—and if we try to manipulate Him, we will pay a heavy price.