Pastor Steven Furtick, Lead Pastor of Elevatio...Today we introduced you briefly to a pastor by the name of Steven Furtick.  He is the rising star of the Emergent Church Movement, seemingly replacing Rob Bell as the darling of the movement.  He is bold, brash and becoming controversial for what he teaches and how he teaches it.

Furtick pastors the newest mega-church in America, drawing thousands every Sunday with his magnetic personality and brash statements.  He recently hosted what he called a revival named “Code Orange”.  From what I can tell, much of this revival was nothing more than propaganda for the Emergent movement, stressing the importance of feelings and experience over the pure truth of God’s Word.  However, one pastor, Matt Chandler, challenged Furtick’s propensity for allegorizing scripture and trying to make it “relevant” to the times in which we live. He preached on sin and obedience to God—two things many Emergers find distasteful.   According to reports, Furtick was very upset and was seen shaking his head in disapproval as Chandler talked about the pure truth of the Bible.

Then, by sheer coincidence I am sure, Furtick’s church failed to post Chandler’s message on the internet site where every other sermon of the event was posted.

It never ceases to amaze me how progressive leaders talk of tolerance and acceptance—but often turn out to be the least tolerant people out there.  They tolerate the views and opinions of others as long as the views expressed agree with them—but if you disagree with them, the tolerance stops in a hurry.

Steven Furtick posted a YouTube video recently where he called people who preach the truth about sin as “haters”.  The video went on to talk about how people should not tolerate all the talk about sin and how people should rise up against so-called ‘haters” who still preach about sin and repentance.

Keep an eye on Steven Furtick—he is a rising star in progressive Christian circles and was featured at the Willow Creek Leadership Conference in 2011.  He seems to be the next rising star of Emergent theology and is being positioned as the new wave of Christian leadership in America.  And if we want a leader who will discount the absolute truth of scripture, picking and choosing scripture to fit into the post-modern era, Furtick might just be the perfect leader.

Tomorrow we remember the day when our Lord and Savior gave his life for us so we might find forgiveness and mercy from a just God.  Now more than ever, it is important we take everything Jesus taught about sin, grace and mercy to heart.  He did not die so we could go on sinning—He died to free us from the power of sin in our lives.  But in an era of narcissism where everything is all about us, too many want to pick and choose which Bible verses to live by and which to ignore.

So follow people like Steven Furtick if you like—you are certainly free to do so.  But as for me, I choose to follow only Jesus Christ and take every word of the Bible as absolute truth.  I refuse to pick and choose which teachings of Jesus to obey and which to ignore.  He paid too high a price for me to pick and choose what part of him I worship, and what part I ignore.