Over the past twenty years there have been isolated movements and teachings within American Christianity to normalize homosexuality stating it is perfectly acceptable for a Christian to embrace, even celebrate their gay lifestyle.  Several denominations embrace homosexuality as perfectly acceptable in God’s eyes and some even have pastors who are openly gay.

When President Obama, who claims to be a Christian, came out publicly supporting homosexual marriage, it brought this issue to the foreground.  Obama actually cited his Christian faith as a reason to embrace homosexual marriage, even though the Bible is clear it is an abomination to God.

The response nationally by Christian leaders who are actually taking a stance has been about 50/50.  As usual many Christian leaders are sitting on the sidelines, not taking a stance on the issue.  No word yet from leaders like Rick Warren or Bill Hybels at a time when clarity is needed.

The President’s endorsement of homosexual marriage will be a dividing line where God separates those who will stand strong on His written Word and those who will give in to secular humanism.  Quite frankly, I am glad Obama did what he did.  It will hopefully force the hand of Christian leaders who have too long walked the fence on this issue, afraid to take a strong stance out of fear of offending people or losing influence among those they lead.  This is an issue where leaders cannot be allowed to remain silent.  Every pastor and Christian leader in this nation owes their followers a clear, concise message on where they stand on the issue of homosexual marriage.  Not some wishy-washy, flowery message—but a definitive statement on what they believe about marriage and how we are to address the issue of homosexuality within the church.

Our political leaders who claim to be Christians must also make their feelings known.  Here in Wisconsin, we have an election for Governor a week from today.  The candidates have a stark difference on the economic policies Wisconsin should take—an important issue.  But Christians must take a look at the bigger picture and look at issues important to God.  Walker is staunchly pro-life and supports marriage defined as between one man and one woman.  Barrett supports abortion and is supporting homosexual marriage.  Shouldn’t these be factors in how we vote as Christians?

President Obama has opened up an issue that will divide the church in this nation—and for that I thank him.  For too long many Christian leaders and individuals have been able to tap dance around the issue of homosexuality and gay marriage.  We must use this opportunity to find out where our church leaders stand on this issue and then act accordingly.

God provides us choices.  He has given us free will to choose the paths for our lives.  I believe He is now allowing a choice that will define the future of American Christianity, giving it a choice to return to Him, or fall deep into apostasy.  The sheep are being separated from the goats.  Quite frankly I am excited that this issue is now front and center.  Hopefully, once and for all, Christian leaders will have to take a stand—a stand that will clearly define what they believe about the Word of God.  Insist that your pastor and church leadership make a clear, concise statement on this issue and how we as Christians should interact with the homosexual community.

If you think we can just stick our heads in the sand and sit this battle out, you are in for a rude awakening.  The battle is on us if we wish it or not—and how we react as Christians will say a lot.