Durham Street Methodist Church after demolition.“He will give beauty for ashes, joy instead of mourning, praise instead of despair.” – Isaiah 61:3.

There are days when it is hard to cling to that Truth.  It seems that there is no shortage of challenges that the Body of Christ faces in these days that we are in. And there are some very hard days coming for the Church.

In fact, they’ve been coming for a long time now. Christian apathy, a lack of sound doctrinal knowledge, and an enemy who has swayed many born-again believers to “evolve” their thinking and decide that perhaps the Bible isn’t really true after all.  They’ve forgotten 2 Timothy 3:15, that all Scripture is breathed out by God.

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Matt Slick, CARM

So what do we do with what we’re hearing?  How are you responding to the challenges we talk about on this program? Today we’re challenging you to consider this question, and we’re joined by our special guest, Matt Slick, the founder and president of CARM – Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.