English: President Obama in Tucson: "The ...Leadership–Without strong, principled leadership an organization is doomed to failure.  Leadership sets the vision and the path to attain that vision.  This is true within corporations, governments, families and religion.  Any organization will only go as far as leadership allows it to go.

Our nation was founded by leaders who recognized that all authority and rights come from God alone.  They also realized that without a commitment to God, our republic would ultimately fail.  As we have drifted from our founding documents which were solidly based on the Word of God, our nation has reached a point where collapse could be just around the corner.  Massive debt, social degeneration and an increase in immorality are bringing this nation to the verge of collapse.  Leadership has failed us—leadership that we elected into power.

The Church in America also had its foundational documents—the Bible.  It gives Christians the truth about God and what He sees as righteous or evil.  But just like our nation, many Christian leaders are increasingly ignoring the foundation of the Bible, twisting the Word of God and allowing sin to become acceptable—even applauded.  Human tolerance has replaced the Word of God as the founding principle of much of American Christianity.

Let’s face it—as Americans we became pretty arrogant in the late 20th century.  We began to think of ourselves as self-righteous; we became lazy, looking to the government to take care of us instead of looking to the ways of God.  We also thought of ourselves as invincible—until 9/11 happened.  After terrorists killed more than 3,000 innocent people, our nation briefly turned to God—for about 2 weeks.  But we quickly turned back to our old habits, and put God on a shelf, choosing our ways over His.

I see this same arrogance creeping into American Christianity.  We are slowing replacing the Word of God with ways that seem right to man, but lead to destruction.  We sit by idly as more than a million babies a year are murdered out of convenience; and now many of our Christian leaders remain silent as our president—who claims to be a born-again Christian—endorses homosexual marriage.

Maybe I am just that naïve, but I cannot fathom how anyone who claims to be a Christian leader, or teacher of the Word, can choose to remain silent as our nation’s leader thumbs his nose at God.  Where are our leaders at a time when we need strong, biblical leadership the most?  Sadly, I think many of them are acting like politicians.  Waiting to see the reactions; sticking their fingers in the air to see which way the wind blows, before deciding to make a statement.  This is not leadership—it is compromise and capitulation.  I expect as much from our political leaders, but I think we should demand more from our spiritual leaders.

But in reality, that seems to be what a growing number of Christians want—leaders who will not rock the boat; leaders who are loved and respected by everyone, even at the cost of truth; leaders who preach tolerance and peace; leaders who can bridge the gap between the truth of God and secular humanism.  There is no bridging that gap people.  You either stand for the truth of God or you stand against it.  We are warned countless times in the Bible to not compromise with the world, yet many of our church leaders are bent on doing so.  They want to be seen as consensus builders and peace lovers.  Quite honestly, what they really seek is the approval of men instead of the approval of God.

President Obama did thumb his nose at God.  He is our elected political leader—the leader of our nation.  He is a man, like many politicians, who will do or say whatever it takes to maintain his power and prestige.  Sadly, we have come to expect this from our political leaders.  But should we tolerate it among our spiritual leaders?  Is it asking too much for our Christian leaders to make a clear statement on such a black and white issue as homosexual marriage?  Not some flowery, compromising, bridge-building mushy statement—but a clear concise statement that what the President is supporting is an abomination and a turning away from God.

But leaders can only lead us where we allow them to lead us.  And sadly these days more and more Christians want mushy, compromising leadership.  So when this nation incurs the judgment and wrath of God, we as followers will be equally to blame for what happens.  There is time to rise up and demand more of our political and spiritual leaders—but do we have the courage and commitment to do it?