I am sharing with you an email I received today from Jonathan Cahn, author of  The Harbinger, The Ancient Mystery that Holds The Secret Of America’s Future.  Rabbi Cahn asked that he be able to answer the questions and concerns I reported yesterday, in an article titled, What To Make of the Harbinger Mystery I’ve posted his email in its entirety:

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn:

When any book or message, which appears outside the box, as does The Harbinger becomes as popular a bestseller as it has becomes – it invites criticism. The Harbinger has been spreading across the nation – and, of course, criticism has come  That doesn’t make the criticism valid – and in this case, such criticism has gotten more and more bizarre as time goes on.  I will be glad to answer it:

Question: Why infer that God is giving extra-biblical revelation, when the Bible was given once and for all to the saints?

Answer: The Harbinger doesn’t state that God is giving extra-biblical revelation  – unless one believes that God is unable to lead us, correct us, or warn us – The Harbinger does say that God is able to do all that, individually, and nationally.  If God can judge a nation, He can also warn a nation. To say otherwise, I would say is unbiblical.

Concern: Israel is not America, and God did not make a covenant with us, nor are we the apple of His eye.

Answer: The Harbinger never says Israel is America or that God made a covenant with us.  It does say that the Puritans, America’s founders established America after the pattern of ancient Israel and saw themselves in covenant with God – But it is never said that God made a covenant with America.  Whether He has honored their prayers and consecration is left an open question.

Question: Is the publisher pronouncing Rabbi Cahn a foretelling prophet?

Answer: I don’t know what the publisher is pronouncing with regard to that, but the issue is not what the publisher says, but what The Harbinger reveals.

Question: What else has the publisher put out there?

Answer:  Not very relevant.  A book is not written by a publisher, but by its author.

Question: Does Rabbi Cahn draw from extra-biblical, mystical writings as his sources?

Answer:  No.  I only draw on one source for spiritual truth – the Bible. I only believe the Bible is the Word of God.  One may use quotes in writing from a variety of sources – but this is not to be confused with relying on any source for spiritual truth – apart from the Bible.

Question: One critic said that since The Harbinger speaks of mysteries being revealed – does this have to do with Gnostic beliefs?

Answer:  A very confused view.  Unless we want to call the apostle Paul a Gnostic, since he also spoke of mysteries.  It’s precisely the opposite.  The Gnostics believed in knowledge that was to be kept secret, to stay a mystery.  God is the One who reveals mysteries.  The Harbinger does likewise – it reveals mysteries.

If there are no mysteries, then we know everything there is to know.  But we don’t.  And God, by His Spirit, is to lead us to continual insight, and show us things we don’t yet know.  That’s the opposite of Gnosticism.

Question:  It is stated that Jonathan Cahn “says that Zohar, an extrabiblical, mystical source from which the occultic and mystical Kabbalah is derived, greatly influenced his writing.

Answer:  Unfortunately this kind of statements represents some of the extreme and bizarre opposition to The Harbinger – It is an extreme false accusation.

No. I have never in my life said that the Zohar has greatly influenced my writing – nor has it ever.  What this accusation is taken from and twisted out of recognition from – Is that I have in some special teachings shared quotes found in the rabbinic writings which unwittingly bear witness of the truth of the Gospel – things that most Jewish people have no idea of – such as Isaiah 53 being about the Messiah, or God being Three in One, Messiah dying for our sins, or a connection made between the mercy of God and the word “Golgotha.”  These things can be used to share the Gospel.  This has been a standard method of apologetics and evangelism for ages.  Rabbinical writings, mystical or otherwise, have been quoted for ages, in Bible commentaries, apologetics, works such as The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah, etc. To take this and then present it as if I or any Christian pastor or scholar is a secret follower of such things because they used a quote to bear witness of the Gospel is, as, one minister friend of mine would say – shameful at best. It should not have even appeared in print.

The apostle Paul actually quoted from a pagan hymn to Zeus in order to share the truth of the Gospel at Mars Hill.  If we were to then to accuse him of being into Zeus worship, or that pagan writings were behind the epistles, or accuse of him of being secretly pagan – I would think we would need to repent.  It’s called bearing false witness.

Question: Does The Harbinger say that Isaiah is prophesying of America

Answer:  No. It says Isaiah is prophesying of Israel – But that the same biblical template, pattern, and progression of judgment that took place in the last days of Israel, is now again manifesting in America.

Question: Why were the revelations of The Harbinger presented in the form of a narrative?

Answer:  The Harbinger contains many and deep revelations – By putting it into a narrative, it makes it very easy to read and understand – That the word would go out to as many people as possible.

Question:  What is The Harbinger actually saying?

Answer:   Very simple.  God judges nations.  God warns of judgment.  God is able to warn a nation of judgment in a way that is consistent with that which is found in the Bible.  And that now the same biblical pattern, progression, and signs of national judgment that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel, are now manifesting to America.  And that these signs are appearing in uncanny, eerily precise manifestations.

The Harbinger is not only the revealing of these biblical mysteries or connections, but is a call to repentance, salvation, and revival.

Question: What has the overall response been? 

Answer:  The Harbinger has overwhelmingly been endorsed, praised, recommended, and heralded throughout the evangelical world, and across the denominational spectrum, from Baptist to Charismatic, from Pat Boone to Pat Robertson, from pastors, to ministry leaders, to Bible teachers and deans of theological seminaries, people who obviously know the Bible and proper biblical hermeneutics. People are getting saved, coming to repentance, starting prayer groups and movements, being convicted of holiness.

Question: What do you think the opposition comes from?

Answer:  There are ministries that set themselves look for error.  This can provide a useful and important service for the body.  But the problem is the downside – that the propensity to raise the sword, to quickly reject, to seek to find error (even when it’s not there) and to attack almost reflexively can become as much an error, a problem, and a danger as those who too readily accept teachings without questioning.  The Harbinger is unique and doesn’t have much of a precedent – It appears as something very much out of the box. And then there’s the spiritual realm.  If something is being used to affect many for revival, and repentance, and breakthrough, we have to expect that there will be opposition and misunderstanding, even by those meaning well.

The claims as even seen here, have grown increasingly bizarre and removed from the reality of The Harbinger.  It’s a good sign.  For that reason alone it would argue that something powerful is happening here

Question: Why do you think The Harbinger has become so phenomenally successful?

Answer:  I have no doubt that it’s because the message is from the Lord.  Before it even came out, I knew it would go forth to touch many lives because of it.  It reveals things that believers have felt in their hearts but without the evidence to back it up.  It reveals a biblical mystery of specific template of judgment that is now playing out in America, before our eyes, lying behind everything from 9/11 to the crash of Wall Street, biblical harbingers of judgment appearing in New York City, Washington, D.C.,  involving some of the highest of American leaders, the replaying of an ancient drama of judgment, even giving exact dates.  People have described it in such terms as “stunning,” “mind blowing,” and “life changing.”  And it is not only that, but that it is a call for repentance, revival, and salvation.

For all that, and even for the kind of opposition it’s gotten alone, the reader owes it to himself or herself to read it and see if this is, what most who have read it, believe it is, an urgent word that is given for such a time as this.