Flag of the Nation of Islam. The design of the...

1 John, Chapter 4 clearly defines Islam as a religion of Antichrist.  Yet it seems that many dedicated Muslims, who worship a false god, hold to higher standards of morality than many Christians who claim to be born-again believers.

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Joining us this morning on air is Elijah Abraham, a former Muslim, now born-again Christian, founder of Living Oasis Ministry.  Elijah brings a deep knowledge of Islam, along with a unique perspective to why increasingly Islam is viewed as an acceptable mainstream religion of truth in America, while Christianity is being marginalized as mean-spirited and hateful.  Why is this happening and what role is the church and we as Christians playing in this deception?

Join us at 9am central for an intriguing, truthful discussion and send us your comments at comments@standupforthetruth.com.