By conservative estimates, there are about 100 million Christians in China, and one fourth of them, or about 25 million are in the government sponsored  church, but while 75 percent are underground, quietly meeting in homes and buildings.

There are huge challenges facing the Body of Christ in China, and here’s what you can be praying about.

  • The Chinese government is pursuing an extensive strategy to close down Protestant house churches throughout the country
  • Boss Christians, rich businessmen who are part of the Communist party who are building massive cathedrals with the Name-it Claim it style.
  • There are about 10 thousand new converts every day in China, with very few to no mature Bible-believing Christians to disciple them in Truth and Love.

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Today in studio with us is a man we’ll call Pastor Steve, who trains Christian leaders in China, called from the American way of life to raise up Christians in China.