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Yesterday’s show on Agenda 21 was hopefully an eye-opener for Christians.  The growing power of the United Nations and the control it is trying to impose on the life of every person in the world should be a wake-up call for Christians.  The U.N. is an organization that is rotten to the core, continually promoting world-wide socialism, one-world government and a call to control or abolish every fundamental religion, calling religion a threat to world peace and harmony.

As Bill Jasper reported yesterday, the U.N. promotes religious syncretism with “mother earth” as the entity to be worshipped.  The U.N., through UNESCO, also controls the secular humanist education agenda of the National Education Association in our nation—an organization aligned with paganism and one committed to eliminating God from our public school system.

What I have just stated are facts that you can easily verify if you take the time to do so.  But here is what I don’t understand:  Global warming alarmists have been exposed as liars and frauds.  Many in the movement now admit that they falsified data in the hopes of whipping up fear and support for their anti-Christian movement.  Now that we know that, why are organizations like The National Association of Evangelicals still supporting the lies of climate change?   Why does this organization, which claims to represent evangelicals, seem to care more about defending the lies of climate change than they do in standing up for the rights of unborn children or the sanctity of marriage as defined by God?

Sadly, that seems to be the trend in Christianity these days.  Issues like abortion and homosexual marriage are too controversial for Christian leaders to address.  We seem to care more about what the world thinks of us than we do about standing up strong for God’s written truth.  Are we selling out to the world, seeking to gain its approval?  Are we willing to sacrifice or compromise truth to be seen as loving and tolerant?  Well if that is where evangelical Christianity is headed, count me out.  At a time when the truth is being sacrificed for political correctness on all fronts, I think we need to expect more from our leaders.

The Word of God tells us in the final days good will be seen as evil, and evil seen as good.  When Christian leaders embrace the lies of global warming and climate change, but refuse to speak out on abortion and homosexual marriage, what are we to think?  I think it tells us a lot.  I think it tells us that a large part of Christianity is selling out to the world and rejecting the truth of God’s Word.  Could this be the beginning of the great falling away in the final days?  Guard your hearts and study God’s Word so that you might be proven faithful as deception grows.