We know that the great delusion that the Bible warns us about that will take place prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ is already underway, and it’s happening in the body of Christ.  Jesus Himself warned that great multitudes will fall away from Him, as people follow a different Jesus, a different Gospel and a wide path that leads to destruction.

It’s subtle, and a growing number of people are sounding the alarm. Every once in awhile, a pastor will  be that watchman on the wall! Joining us on our program today is Pastor Joe Schimmel, founder of The Good Fight Ministries, and producer of such DVD teachings as, They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll.

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Joe has a brand new 2-part DVD series just launched titled, THE SUBMERGING CHURCH: How the Emerging Church is Drawing Multitudes Away from Biblical Christianity.  Joe Schimmel is also the senior pastor at Blessed Hope Chapel, an evangelical non-denominational fellowship in Simi Valley, California. He helped found the church in 1990 and has been there ever since.

Here is a preview Joe’s DVD: