Cover of "The Bible (Penguin Classics)"In the coming months we will be spending a lot of time exploring the proper relationship between truth and love.  In my humble opinion, there may be no greater issue facing American Christianity than how absolute truth is being compromised in the name of love.  No greater example of this has occurred than the infamous “A Common Word Between Us” document signed by hundreds of Christian leaders a few years back.  I think we need to once again review just what happened.

In 2007, hundreds of Muslim clerics reached out to Christian leaders, seeking compromise and conversation to discuss friction between Muslims and Christians.  Muslim leaders appealed to what they saw as the crucial common beliefs between the two religions:  Belief in the one God and the call to love our neighbors.  The document called for seeking common ground between the two religions to ease growing tensions, primarily caused by radical Muslims who were slaughtering Christians around the world.

Christian leaders like Warren, Hybels, Wallis, McLaren and the President of the National Association of Evangelicals jumped at this overture, anxiously embracing it.  They showed an appalling lack of understanding about Islam and all its deception.  When Muslim leaders cited the belief “in the One God’, they basically stated their beliefs that the Christian belief in a triune God is blasphemy to Muslims.  These naïve Christian leaders, so hungry for peace at any cost, unknowingly sold out the gospel for the sake of love and peace.  They compromised truth for human peace and love.

Love without truth is no love at all.  In Luke 9:26, Jesus says this:  “If anyone is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father.”  As Christianity in this nation increasingly looks to be relevant with the culture, embracing its values, we are abandoning the truth of the gospel for a way that seems right to man.  As Proverbs says, this only leads to spiritual death and destruction.

Our nation, and the church in America, is rapidly reaching a crucial point.  What we need now are leaders who will lead us to repentance and a return to the uncompromising truth of God’s Word.  What we too often have instead are leaders looking to compromise for the sake of human love and popularity.  If we continue on this path, one day God’s patience will run out and He will turn us over to the sinful desires of our hearts.  Many will be lost for eternity because we thought our ways better than the truth of God’s Word.  I hope and pray we wake up before it is too late.