Young people are frequently asking why their prior generations of leaders are so concerned about politics and world events. After all, Jesus called us to change the world for Him, did He not?

Well, not exactly. Jesus gave us a very clear mission statement:  We are called to follow Christ’s mission to be salt and light to a lost and dying world, and proclaim the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name. It is NOT a popular message…however, it is the message we are called to.

And yet when we’re not allowed to be salt and light, when we are silenced and our religious freedoms are attacked by our government and by anti-Christian groups, are we to cower and say nothing? Turn the other cheek? Or can we help make people aware of how we can speak Truth about what is happening?

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Joining us today is Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation! She is in the northeast Wisconsin area as part of a national bus tour titled, Your Money, Your Values, Your Vote.

Later in the program, we’re asking this question:

Is the NAE supporting the lie of Global Warming?