KJV Bible

Knowing how a story ends brings a whole new perspective to whatever it is we are reading.  When we read a murder novel or watch a mystery movie not knowing who the criminal is, we often miss subtle clues.  However when we know how the story ends and who the criminal is, and read the story again, our eyes and ears are open to those subtle clues that pointed to the outcome all along.

We must apply this same thought process to the Word of God.  We are told that those that read and study Revelation receive a special blessing.  And here is what I think that blessing is:  Wisdom to discern correct from false teaching, giving us the wisdom and discernment to hold on when deception becomes rampant in the final days.

Satan is the father of lies, evil and corrupt—what he is not is stupid.  He knows what buttons to push and what half-truths to promote to deceive lukewarm Christians.  He is pushing the social justice agenda to naïve Christians by telling us we must have peace and justice before Jesus can return.  He is pushing universalism through false teachers who tell us all men are saved even if they do not confess Jesus as Savior and Lord.  He is pushing the lie that all gods are the same and all paths lead to heaven—and many of our youth are buying into his lies that will lead to eternal death.

When we take the time to read the Bible and understand just what the world looks like when Jesus returns—and what He does when he returns—we have a solid anchor to keep us on the narrow path when things turn really ugly.  Without this proper biblical worldview, many will perish as they fall for false teachings, thinking they are doing the right thing when in reality their actions and beliefs are an affront to a holy God.

Look, the Book of Revelation, along with other prophetic books like Daniel and Ezekiel, can be confusing.  But do not give up reading them and don’t get too lost in the minutia of every little detail.  Don’t try to predict who the antichrist is or when Jesus will return.  But, do study and pray that God will reveal the big picture to you.  The big picture that many will fall for deception in the final days; that the world will spin into chaos and evil in the final days; that a man of great deception will lead many astray, and that Jesus will return when the world is on the brink of self-destruction to judge the wicked and save the righteous remaining.

Once you understand what God says the world will look like in those final days, you will be better equipped to discern the many false teachings taking hold these days.  You will know the truth necessary to guard and protect your heart against a deception so masterful that many who consider themselves Christians will be swept away into the greatest lie of all time.

Your other choice is this:  Just sit back, remain ignorant, and hope it all works out for you.  If you are that arrogant that you think you are all set with all the wisdom you need, I wish you the best—you will need it.