Every week, publishers launch new books to the Christian market. We get many of them, accompanied by the usual sell sheet and press release. Some even offer suggested interview questions (which I almost always ignore), and others send along articles that have appeared in well-known Christian publications. Some of these marketing materials are great; others send up red flags.

We carefully review the books we receive, and look for any concerns that might pop up. We haven’t received this one yet, but others have. As the title of the following book review suggests, this is creating some buzz in the Evangelical world.  And yet reading this article makes me very uncomfortable. Not that God doesn’t perform miracles and give provision to His children. Not only do I believe that He does this, but I know He answers prayers.

Perhaps it is the way the publisher is promoting it.  But I’ve seen enough of these to know that people will spend big money–perhaps money they can’t really afford, to get that miracle they so desperately want. Because of this, there is always the possibility that I’m being unfair; that I’ve become jaded in my thinking and have jumped to wrong conclusions.   So I’m asking our community – you – to weigh in. Read this review. Does it make you want to buy the book?  What are your thoughts? Discern away:

Evangelicals Buzz About New Miracle Prayer Book – Christian Newswire

The new book, When You Need a Miracle, How to Ask God for the Impossible, by Linda Evans Shepherd, teaches readers how to reach out to God and ask for a miracle, even claiming, “If you read this book until the end, you will experience miracles.”

Don Piper, author of 90 Minutes in Heaven, spoke to this claim, saying, “I read it. I did. . . God makes the impossible possible every day. Sometimes we just need something to remind us how to ask for it.”

Besides Piper’s endorsement, there’s a growing buzz about the book, including author Kathy Howard who said, “Linda highlights the truth that God is not a spiritual vending machine. Therefore, God’s miracles may not come packaged in the ways we would expect, but they do come in ways that will transform our lives.”

Bestselling author Rebecca Barlow Jordan added to the discussion saying, “I believe that what makes Linda’s book stand out from others is her solid biblical truths which help cut through hindrances to God’s working in our lives, allowing us to find freedom — which is a miracle many need.”

Author and reviewer Yvonne Ortega said, “This is no ordinary book on prayer. . . Sometimes when we are in the thick of horrendous circumstances, we forget we are in spiritual warfare. This miracle book is worth double the price just for the Set Free Prayers.”

Reviewer Janet Holm McHenry added “Though I’ve both written and read dozens of books on prayer, I found many new insights in Shepherd’s book. I particularly loved her Next Step Principle and the wonderful stories of answers to prayer. I highly recommend it!”

When You Need a Miracle, How to Ask God for the Impossible will be a comfort to those who struggle with faith yet still dare to believe that God cares enough to both hear and respond to their prayers. Shepherd walks with readers on a journey through prayer to renewed hope and the assurance that God still works miracles.

When You Need a Miracle — How to Ask God for the Impossible is from publisher Baker Revell and is available at Christian book stores everywhere, as well as online book and ebook sources including Amazon, CBD, and Barnes and Noble. For more information on the book or to contact Shepherd, see www.NeedMiracleBook.com.