Practice on balance beamThe life of a true Christian—a disciple of Jesus Christ—is one of balance.  Jesus warned us that the path to eternal life is narrow, and few find it; and finding that proper spiritual balance is crucial to walking that narrow path.

That balance shows up in several situations:  We are to walk in the grace and forgiveness of the lord—but that must be balanced by a commitment to turn away from sin and seek a life of holiness.  We are to love all men—but we are to stand strong against sin and not partake of or compromise with the sinful ways of the world.

And I think there is one other area these days where proper spiritual balance is so crucial:  The continued deterioration of this world due to sin.  With each passing day we see a more sinful world and nation.  Homosexuality and abortion have become an accepted fact of life; a cheap, watered-down gospel is being preached in more churches; and more and more Christian leaders seek compromise and common ground with false religions like Islam.

The Word of God is being marginalized, if it is even preached at all in our churches, and everywhere Christians seem more interested in compromising with the world than being seen as a peculiar people.

The world is spinning into economic, social and spiritual chaos—and proper balance as believers will be increasingly important as we move forward.  We know evil triumphs in the short run; we will see a great falling away from the true faith and men, many of them Christians, will embrace evil as good.  We will be tempted to be fearful or try to solve problems only God can solve—and we must resist the temptation.  We must understand which battles are ours—and which are the Lord’s.  We must stand up against sin and compromise with humanism—all the time realizing these apostasies will continue and grow.  We must vote for political candidates who stand for biblical principles—yet realize these men cannot save us.

I believe we are rapidly approaching a time of severe chaos in this nation.  One or two hits to our economy could usher in a totalitarian state where we will be told what to buy, what to do—and what to believe.  And when the world around us begins to collapse in fear, we must maintain proper spiritual balance.  We must not give in to fear no matter what comes our way as true believers.  We must have total trust in God, no matter what He allows us to experience.  A time is coming when every man who claims to be a Christian will have the chance to prove it—or cave in for love of this world and what it has to offer.

Be aware of what is happening around us; stand strong on the truth of God’s Word and fight evil wherever it rears its ugly head.  But do not become consumed of things of this world—wealth, politics and economics.  Stay spiritually balanced, anchored on God’s Word and truth.  The world is dying—and it will try to take you down with it.  Many will abandon the faith in the coming years.  God’s Word warns us of this and gives us all we need to persevere to the end.  Will we listen?  Or will we capitulate?