Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra on Living from the Core

If Oprah Winfrey has no problem with T.D. Jakes’ religion, that should send a HUGE warning flag up.  I’m wondering if James MacDonald is starting to feel the burn from endorsing Jakes yet?  The more Jakes grows, the more his apostate state stands out with striking clarity.

Check it out…

Emmy Award-winning series “Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra: Living From the Core” will simulcast on-air and online on OWN, and July 1 at 11am ET/PT

What channel is OWN TV on? Find it here:

Lifeclass all-star teachers Bishop T.D. Jakes and Deepak Chopra bring their spiritual insight to the stage in two exclusive talks designed to help you reach your greatest potential. First up, one of the country’s most dynamic spiritual leaders, Bishop T.D. Jakes, takes us on an electrifying journey of self-realization to show us how to maximize our lives by changing the way we think. Then, one of the greatest thought leaders of our time, Deepak Chopra, explains why he believes there is a spiritual solution to every problem in the world. He’ll walk us through the steps of becoming fully aware of our own power and energy, in order to find solutions to obstacles that hold us back.  (Online Source.)

Hmmm… let’s see… self realization… that’s a fancy way of saying unrepentant sinner.  You can self realize all day long, and even if you think you’ve gotten to the core of your inner goodness, it’s still only filthy rags.  That’s it!  That’s as good as it gets, and that’s as good as it’s EVER going to get.  Without the righteousness of Jesus Christ, no one can stand in the day of judgment.

Welcome to the dark days of apostate Christianity.  Ugly, isn’t it?