You’ve probably heard the saying, “Of two evils, choose neither.” This past week there has been news of a movement in America among Christians to write in the name Jesus Christ this November as a choice for president. In fact the internet evangelist who started the movement claims he has more than 200,000 people who have committed to do so.

On the one hand, it is understandable that people in the United States would be frustrated with the political process and the choices we face. On the other hand, many Christians believe we are not voting for a pastor, but for someone who can lead this nation and get us out of the mess we’re in. We know that no political candidate can save our nation, so where do you fall on this?

Joining us for this discussion in the first half hour is author Scott Alan Buss. He takes square aim at both political parties in his books, Satan’s Jackass – The Progressive Party’s War on Christianity and Stupid Elephant Tricks: The Other Progressive Party’s War on Christianity. Scott’s first book,Fire Breathing Christians: The Common Believer’s Call to Reformation, Revival, and Revolution was launched in 2010, and “Apathetic Christianity: The Zombie Religion of American Churchianity” is just out as well. Check out Scott’s blog here.

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