Whether we like it or not, we will be hearing a steady stream of political ads over the next 90 days.  Candidates for federal, state and local office will be telling us why they are the candidates we should vote for and how they are the solution to all that ails our nation in these trying days.

I am noticing a growing thought in some Christian circles that involvement in the political process is futile—with some even suggesting it is unbiblical to promote candidates or even to vote—that we should just let God sort things out politically while we concentrate on our individual growth with God.  Now with all due respect I think this is not the path we should walk as Christians.

The government of this nation is far from perfect and certainly no political candidate is the answer to the problems we face in this nation.  Only repentance and turning back to God will save this nation.  However as Christians and citizens of this nation, we have a responsibility to do what we can to elect leaders who will lead this nation back to its early philosophy of government—a government built on the servant leadership example of Jesus Christ Himself, who said “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve”.

Now some argue that Paul taught we are to submit to the governing authorities as he taught in Romans Chapter 13.  However when you read this chapter carefully Paul is talking about governing authorities who are God’s servants doing His good, not ungodly leaders.  And regarding submission to our earthly authorities, we must remember one fact—our government was established so our leaders would serve the people, not rule over them.  This is very clear in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and in the writings of this nation’s founding fathers.  In other words, the President and congressmen we elect are not our governing authorities—they are servants of the people, there to protect the God-given rights outlined in our nation’s founding documents.

We the people of this nation are governed by the laws and rights expressed in the constitution—an amazing document that noted all the rights of men come from God alone.  But over the past 60 years, our political leaders have slowly replaced the authority of the constitution with their own beliefs on authority—that they are rulers instead of stewards.

Look there are no perfect men or women running for office in 2012—never have been and never will be.  But the fact remains that this nation was founded on Judeo Christian law and principles, and unless we return to that framework our nation is headed right off a moral, economic and spiritual cliff.  These governing officials have brought many tragedies upon us as a people, including the deaths of more than 50 million children to legal abortion, and now a sweeping move to legalize homosexual marriage—both severe affronts to God.

We have been given a human form of government that at its onset recognized our rights come from God alone and the government was solely there to preserve those rights.  The Christian churches in this nation were empowered to make sure they held our public officials and the culture responsible to not sway from biblical principles.  Christians in this nation need to come to grips with what our role is in human government.  Our choice is to sit out and do nothing, or be light and salt at a time when it is needed most.  The choices we make will have important consequences not only for this nation, but for the condition of Christianity in this nation moving forward.