Men at PrayerIslam.  The very word stirs deep emotion in most Christians and non-believers alike.  Some people tend to generalize and place all Muslims in the tent of fanatic terrorists out to destroy all Christians and Jews and establish a world dominated by Sharia Law.

Others—too many—have chosen to remain ignorant about the real threat of radical Islam, hoping if we ignore the problem, it will just go away.  But Islam is not going anywhere.  By many accounts it is the fastest growing religion in the world.  There is certainly a radical and dark side to this growing religion, but many or most Muslims are people not interested in overthrowing governments or establishing worldwide Sharia Law:  Many are here in this nation because they want to experience the freedom this nation offers—at least for now.  It is important that as Christians we do not act out of fear or ignorance when addressing the growing Muslim population in our communities.

Now having said all that, there is a curious and very sad side to how Islam seems to be specially protected and embraced by many in our nation.  A radical Muslim shoots and kills 13 soldiers a few years ago, screaming “Allahu Akbar” (god is greater), and yet the Army and justice department classify the act as one of workplace violence, not terrorism.  Progressives, including Christians in this nation, often see Islam as a darling religion of peace and harmony—yet Islam calls for potential death sentences for abortionists, homosexuals and women who act out of line with Muslim teachings.  It is time that we as Christians take the time to understand more about this religion which is much more than a religion.  Islam is a religious, social, political and economic system calling for worldwide domination from its radical leaders.  Jews and Christians are portrayed as second class infidels, and radical Muslims are killing thousands of Christians a day in Africa and Asia.

Having said all that, we must remember two important facts:  First, not every Muslim is a terrorist in waiting—many are kind warm people who want to live and worship in peace.  Second, Muslims need to know the real Jesus instead of the counterfeit Jesus they have been raised to know.  Our responsibility as Christians to Muslims and all non-believers is to share the gospel of salvation and the eternal hope of the real Jesus.

Radical Islam is a threat to our nation and to the church in America.  However we also have a great opportunity as Christians to share the good news of the gospel with Muslims we meet.  So take the time to learn about what Muslims believe and pray for the opportunity to share the gospel with them.  After all, Jesus gave us our mission before He returned to heaven—“Go make disciples of all nations”.  We have a great opportunity to do that with the growing Muslim population in our communities—don’t let fear or ignorance stop us from embracing that opportunity.