We all know that radical Islam is a threat to our nation and to the church in America.  But there are a growing number of Muslim families in our communities who simply want to live their lives as best they can in our nation.  So the question is, are we as a Church squandering this great opportunity to share the good news of the Gospel with Muslims? And are we willing to take the time to invest in these neighbors, taking the time to learn about them and about their faith to best reach them with Christ?

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Joining us today is a man whose heart is to do just that, and he is helping Christians all over the world bring the good news to a people group vastly different than the other faith (or non-faith) groups we meet.   Elijah Abraham is part of Biblical Missiology, the group that recently petitioned Wycliffe and its partners for removing familial terms to describe God and Jesus from Bible translations used to reach Muslim communities. Elijah is the founder and executive director of Living Oasis Ministries, where you’ll find a host of resources.  Check out Elijah’s news articles at Right On Weekly, an online magazine.

Elijah is our main speaker at the Stand Up For The Truth WATCHMAN CONFERENCE in September!