As you know, there are some great things in the Body of Christ. Lives are being impacted and changed by the Holy Spirit through the very words of God, and we often share powerful testimonies of how that happens. But there are also some very disturbing things being said, taught and consumed by millions of Christians that are impacting the Bride of Christ at an alarming rate, and we talk about those things as well on Stand Up For The Truth.

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We believe that time is very short. America as we know it is being changed. Christianity is being changed. Sometimes those changes are almost imperceptible. Other times the impact is so explosive we can hardly believe this is happening. And behind it all, behind every apostasy, every false teaching and seeker friendly, feel-good shift is this question: Is the Bible true, or isn’t it? Hath God really said…?

These next few days we are interviewing men and women who have spent years studying God’s Word, studying the times we are in, and teaching about the different tentacles of the octopus that leads us away from truth, and who study the times we are in, teaching on the prophecies throughout the Scriptures; some that have come true, and some that are yet to be fulfilled.

One of those teachers and watchmen is Eric Barger, and we’re going to meet him today. Eric’s early years as a record producer and musician lead to a drug habit and took him on a path into New Age spirituality. Until he was turned around by the Truth and transformational love of Jesus Christ. In the years since, Eric has built his life around God’s Word and helps people learn about Him through his research in Christian Apologetics.

Eric’s Take A Stand! Ministries confronts both the culture and the Church, focusing on the troubling unbiblical trends and doctrinal issues facing Christians.