There are those in the Church within various movements who call themselves “prophets,” and who have built multi-million dollar industries selling their wares, convincing people to part with their life savings and pointing the world to themselves rather than to our Holy Creator God. These folks are in a class by themselves, and we don’t want to spend time or energy on that topic today. But there is a group of experts we should be paying more attention to these days, and those are the prophecy scholars. Those men and women who have spent years studying God’s Word, studying the times we are in, and teaching about the different prophecies throughout the Scriptures so that we can see more clearly God’s eternal plan. Some of those prophecies have come true, and some have yet to come.

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Joining us in the first half of the program today is Chris Quintana, a long time Christian leader and the senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. Chris also leads Rapture Ready Radio, a two-hour program heard around the world every night of the week.

Chris participated in the widely acclaimed Wide is the Gate video series from Carl Matriciana, and Volume 2 was just released this summer. Here is a preview:

In our second half today, we’re going to be joined by Charlie Meadows to talk about the role of pastors in politics. Charlie is president of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action Committee. Should pastors avoid talking about issues from the pulpit and simply focus on the Gospel, or are they called to take a stand?