Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.45.56 AMWe want to reiterate that Stand Up For The Truth is not a program about politics. We don’t encourage anyone to “Reclaim 7 Mountains for Jesus” or “Take Back Our Government (Dominionism)” or even try to promote legislating morality, which we know is impossible without individuals first being convicted by the Holy Spirit.

That being said, in our first segment we are going to talk with three Christian political candidates running for public office today — not about their records or taxes, but about the things you won’t hear on secular broadcasts: the Bible, their faith and how they approach issues that are important to followers of Jesus Christ.

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With us in studio is John Macco and Ray Suennen, both facing off in the primary for Wisconsin State Senate, and Paul Tittl, running for a Wisconsin Assembly seat.

Then in segment two, our exclusive interview with Franklin Graham, as he sat down with Mike LeMay to talk about his appearance next weekend in northeast Wisconsin. Plus we’ve got a full mailbag that we want to share today!