Do you know much about “Apfelgriebsch, Apfelbutzen, Apfel, ApplebuttCommon Core,” the part of the government’s economic stimulus program will poke, prod and train your children? This is a two-pronged beast: The Common Core Standards, and the Common Core Curriculum. Elements of this system are already datamining your children through many different measuring tools including wireless skin sensors, facial expression cameras and even MRIs.

Where does Common Core come from, and what is its end game?We have a panel of experts in studio today, including the Freedom Project’s academic director Dr. Duke Pesta, and student development director Mary Black. We also have with us Mr. Colin Gunn, filmmaker and creator of the hit, Indoctrination, as well as his newest project, Wait Til It’s Free.

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The speakers will be part of a Freedom Project Education event this weekend.

We want to provide you with as many resources as we can about this topic.

If you would like to explore homeschooling for your children, there are many great curricula available including one we highly recommend: Freedom Education Project.

If you want to get even deeper into the national concerns about Common Core and what parents can expect in the years ahead, we are sharing three short videos from Blaze TV that will help:

And finally, this one connecting the dots between Common Core, government, food, global corporations and education. It’s all about intelligence gathering and control.