The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has long been Left-leaning. A few days ago Pastor Chris Rosebrough of Pirate Christian Radio’s Fighting For The Faith shared this:

The AALC Passes Resolution Urging The ELCA To Repent!

This past week I traveled to St. Paul for the biannual convention of The American Association of Lutheran Churches (AALC) and two very important things happened at that convention. The first is that The AALC elected Dr. Curtis Leins to be their Presiding Pastor. (Dr. Leins is a solid Confessional Lutheran). The second is that the AALC passed a resolution urging the ELCA to repent and seek forgiveness for their heresies. The text of the resolution that The AALC passed yesterday morning is reprinted below:

Whereas, the foundation of Lutheran doctrine has always been “Scripture Alone;” andWhereas, the ELCA has consciously departed from the clear teaching of God’s Holy Word and denied “Scripture Alone” by chasing after the false spirit of the age, such as blasphemously affirming homosexuality as an acceptable lifestyle and pronouncing God’s blessing on same sex marriages and;

Whereas, no church body claiming Christ Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords has the authority to deny or alter God’s Word or modify God’s expressed definition of marriage as being the union of one man and one woman; ¬†and

Whereas, silence as a church body can be misconstrued as a tacit approval of the ELCA’s rebellion against the authority of God’s Word;

Be it resolved, that for the sake of the truth of the gospel and the salvation of souls, The AALC urges the ELCA, on the basis of scripture to repent of their false doctrine, renounce the spirit of the age, and seek forgiveness for their blasphemies through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, The AALC urges the ELCA to bear fruit in keeping with repentance by submitting to the highest authority in doctrine and life, namely the Holy Scriptures. We further direct the Presiding Pastor of The AALC to personally communicate this position to the Presiding Bishop of the ELCA and make public, via the media, The AALC’s urging of the ELCA to repent and seek forgiveness.

Via Fighting For The Faith