prayer saying grace

In a little while we will continue our discussion from yesterday about what a healthy church looks like. A lot of you have chimed in on a letter we shared yesterday about how different today’s modern church institution looks from the ekklasia it was intended to be.

Several Christians have contacted us recently to tell us they believe in evolution, and an earth that is millions of years old. They tell us that they are in the camp of the majority of Christians, and that only a fragment of us believe that the Creation account in Genesis is true. Some have taken very public stances about whether Genesis and Revelation are true, or as one Christian musician recently stated – a bunch of stories that science has proven false. – and yet they insist that there is room for all of us at the table. In other words, it’s just a matter of opinion. So what are we as Christians left with?

In this first segment, we are joined by Jay Seegert, an author, international speaker and co-founder of the  Creation Education Center. He is the author of a great resource book titled Let There Be Light. Jay knows well the attacks on God’s Word, and has been on the front lines shining light of Truth for many years.