You hear false TV preachers tell us to step out in Faith to support them.  A donation of a $1000 will bring blessing upon you.  Brothers and sisters, we are already blessed and supporting a ministry such as Q90 may not give you the best life now, but it will store treasures in Heaven, where we will live forever.  Where it is most important.Step out in True Faith and support a ministry that will convict you with the truth of God’s Word.  If you don’t leave the radio convicted at least once in a while, then you need to examine yourself to see if you’re still in the faith.  Why?  Because God’s Word says so.  He loves you,  He only corrects those He loves, and we are edified when we are convicted, or blessed, or when we feel His love in our lives.

I have been in the wilderness for two or more years and I TRULY believe God led me here.  Nothing happens for nothing, like the world will tell you.  The falling away is before us, stand with the brothers and sisters of Q90 who put themselves out there for you everyday, good, bad or indifferent they march on for us.  To the Glory of God, call in and stand for the One who saved you.

Your sister in Christ Jesus

Cherie c.

P.S, Mike and Amy have corrected me many times which i am grateful for.  With love they lead.  May God continue to bless them, keep them humble before a holy God and safe in His care.  You too, my brethren!

(Republished with permission. If you would like to safely donate, please consider a gift to SUFTT by pledging here.)