the donesResearchers from organizations like Pew Forum and Barna Research have come up with all sorts of names for our behavior and practices. We’ve heard of the “unchurched,” the “De-Churched,” and this past year we’ve heard the term, “the Nones,” the number of Americans who do not identify with any religion. Well now there’s a new term: The Dones.  These are folks who are done with church as an institution. They’ve stopped going. Probably for good.  We want to know why.

Then later in the program, is it true that Jesus never mentioned anything about homosexuality?  That He never brought it up, even once?  Most of us have heard the argument that the Gospels have no record of Jesus condemning homosexuality.  There are individuals, especially from the militant homosexual rights movement, who utter this fabrication with all the raw hostility of liberals who think abortion is their God given right.  We’re talking about a new article from one of our SUFTT writers, Marsha West, titled, Would the Son of God Contradict the Father?

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Today’s Episode:

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