When a Creation website publishes a letter like this one and then offers tips for how to deal with a church where her pastors don’t believe in Genesis as truth, you’d expect some teaching or apologetics – at least a Scripture verse or two – to equip readers to stand firm on God’s Word as truth.

Instead, we see this site encouraging congregants to play nice, just get along, stop looking for a perfect church, and don’t be a one-issue Christian.


Fortunately, our SUFTT Facebook visitors know full well that shame tactics are one of the ways the enemy gets us to sit down, shut up and just deal with false teaching because it’s more important to be loving and tolerant:

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Among the tips Creation International (site I don’t recommend), offers:

Your pastoral team will change and that will bring a different dynamic. So, perhaps by waiting you may see things improve.

There is no such thing as a perfect church. In some areas the church may be really good for you but in others it may be totally unhelpful. So you have to balance a lot of factors in your life.

Church is not just about what you can get out of it, but it is a place where you can minister to others with your gifts.

Speak the truth in love, with tact and in a winsome way.

(Winsome is a favorite catch-phrase of neo-Emergents, by the way).

Rather than pushing creation in six days on people as if it is your hobby horse, use it to meet their needs as you become aware of them.

Don’t be divisive or argumentative. Don’t be a one-issue person but show that you are interested in the wider ministry of the church and that your passion is to serve Jesus Christ.

It is really important to always speak in a positive way about your pastors and your church, especially with your children. If there is a critical spirit and an undermining of your pastors and your church in your home, that will poison things for your children.

What happened to sharing truth with our children? Imparting discernment to them?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.