If there’s one big thing we’ve all learned as our culture gets darker and more hostile toward God, it is that there is a fine line between rightfully standing for firm in the truth of His Word, and trying to fight a battle that the Lord has already won on the cross.

That said, we asked some questions on today’s program:

Do schools have the right to hold students’ grades hostage when it comes to teaching them about Islam indoctrinating students into accepting Islam? A Maryland father and U.S. Marine says no!

What about this new All God’s Children movement to indoctrinate Christians to accept homosexuality as a non-sin issue?

And what is the hottest (and darkest) Christmas toy this year, according to Google?

Plus some interesting conversations happening here on our site about an article I wrote titled, My response to “Holy” Yoga. (check out the research links as well as the comments section.)