Amy-and-MikeI want to take a few minutes and talk about the future of Stand Up For the Truth Radio.

As Christians we are called to a life that is increasingly holy and pleasing to God. We are not made “instantly holy” when we come to saving faith in Christ Jesus—salvation is the beginning of a journey—a journey from a life of sin to a life that emulates Jesus Christ.

In my opinion, show me a professing Christian who is not interested in growing in holiness, and I will show you someone who is not really a Christian at all. If we have the attitude that we want to be “saved”, but we want to hold on to as much of this world as possible in the process, do we really understand the gospel?

I have been studying the Word of God a great deal lately and how it relates to God interacting with people. There is a distinct pattern throughout the Bible: God deals with the humble and the proud in very different ways.

To the humble He shows immense patience and understanding; but He disdains those who are proud and self-righteous. When Jesus interacted with people who were poor in spirit—knowing they were sinners in need of a Savior—His love for them was overwhelming and convicting. But when He dealt with the self-righteous Pharisees and leaders, he was stern, warning them their pride was a one way ticket to eternal damnation.

When we carefully read and study Matthew 7 in complete context of the teachings of the Bible, we come to this conclusion: We are to judge the fruits—the works and teachings of professing Christians—but not make judgments on their hearts—or their eternal destiny.  Only God truly knows the heart of every man and woman—in fact He knows our hearts better than we do. And he alone is right and just and qualified to judge the eternal destiny of every man. We must be very, very careful to not condemn another professing Christian.

stand up for truthAs I have prayed and thought about the last four years where I have been privileged to speak with each of you every week day, I am humbled by the opportunity God has given me to discuss tough issues and point us to the eternal truth of God’s Word. And I have been blessed to hear from hundreds of you, telling us this show has helped you draw closer to God and make sense over tough issues we increasingly face as Christians. And your comments truly do humble me—that God would use me, a flawed and still too often sinful man, to share His Word and bring to light the issues that will be huge challenges to the Church moving forward.

But I also think how much better this show could be. How can we allow God’s grace to flow through us and serve Him better? How can we serve God and His people with greater excellence?

There are talk shows out there—Christian and secular—that are only clanging noise. They are quick to point out problems, but slow to point out real solutions. Their goal is to whip up passions in people, creating angst and discontent. And many of the hosts have an agenda to make them look better or smarter than anyone else. Deep down, the host wants to be known as the smartest person out there—and they want people to look to them for the truth.

If I have ever come across that way, please accept my apology and know that has not been my heart’s intent. My heart is to love and glorify God and point you to His truth, not my opinions. I can look you straight in the eye and assure you why I host this show: to glorify God and point you to His eternal truth. But I also must confess that how I have done that at times has fallen well short of the standard Jesus gave each one of us as believers. So my why has been correct—but my how has often been less than perfect. And this sets the table for what you can expect from Stand Up For the Truth moving forward.

So I have just asked you to trust our hearts—our motive—why we do what we do. But I ask you to also critique what we say and how we say it. And what we say and how we say it will either confirm what I am telling you about our hearts—or refute it.

And we will do the same with the people we cover moving forward. We will take them at their word that their hearts are to love, obey and serve God. We will discuss and critique what they teach and how they apply it—and point you to the Word of God to discern if their hearts are pure in motive—or self-serving.

One area we cover on this show is public education. We point out how the system has strayed from classical education. Classical education teaches people how to think instead of teaching them what to think. But our public education system has become more of an indoctrination system—teaching children what to think instead of how to think.

Stand Up For the Truth is committed to the Classical Education Model. We hope to use God’s Word to teach us how to think moving forward. We are not here to convince you we have all the answers—I can assure you we do not. But we do know the one place where you can find all the answers and eternal truth—the Word of God.

So moving forward, expect a lot more discussion on the Word of God. And expect that we are not hear to judge the hearts of the leaders we critique—we are here to discuss what they teach and how they apply it to the world in which we live. So instead of judging their hearts—we will critique their effectiveness in doing what they claim to want to do.

There is only one man who ever walked the face of this earth who always had a perfect what, why and how—Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God. Every other man fell short in every other area at one time or another. Rick Warren; Bill Hybels; Joel Osteen; Mark Batterson; Mark Driscoll; Billy Graham. None of these men always had a perfect what, why and how. And neither does the host of this show.

So with humility we will continue to critique and challenge the what and how of Christian leaders in the news. But we will do so remembering two crucial facts:

First, we are not to judge the eternal salvation of these professing Christians; and second “let he who is without sin throw the first stone”. So our show is not about throwing stones of condemnation on professing Christians. Our show will be about helping every one of us become serious students of the Bible—and the one who always had a perfect what, why and how—Jesus Christ. We will point out conflicts and contradictions not to prove ourselves superior—but to help our brothers and sisters, who like us, will sometimes get things wrong.

So if your desire is to point out the speck in your brother’s eye without addressing the plank in your own, you will probably not enjoy where we are going. If you want to scream “heretic” every time a Christian leader teaches something you do not agree with—but are unwilling to make judgments upon your own individual heresies—you will probably not like where we are going.

But if your desire is to more deeply know and understand the Word of God; to be able to discern truth from deception; and to become disciples committed to helping other Christians in error instead of tearing them down to feel better about yourself—then I think you will find Stand Up For the Truth to be engaging, challenging and helping you grow in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ.

Oh, and one more thing—I can almost guarantee you we will unintentionally stray from this path the Lord has laid out for us moving forward—so please hold us accountable and point out ways we can judge fruits and discern truth without condemning professing believers.

So, thank you for inviting us into your homes over the past four years. We want Stand Up For the Truth to be the most thoughtful, insightful radio show out there—and one that glorifies God and helps build up the true Body of Christ for the challenging days ahead. Things will not get any easier moving forward for true believers. May this show be one that prepares us and anchors us in truth, love and humility for the times ahead.