Should watchman ministries back off reporting problems with “Celebrity Christian Leaders”?  Are Bereans, contenders, discerners and watchmen ministries partly to blame for leaders falling into scandal by adding extra attention?  Celebrity PR rep Hunter Frederick seems to think so.

(Background:  Hunter’s client, musician Michael Gungor, became somewhat of a celebrity when he boldly announced that the books of Genesis and Revelation are not true, that Jesus probably did not know this or perhaps was allegorizing this to His disciples. In the wake of his own ‘scandal,” Gungor now is part of Rob Bell’s “The Liturgists,” a group that promotes “Mother God” and a deep, mind-emptying New Age mediation called  “apophatic prayer.”)

This morning the PR rep posted his press release out on Christian Newswire (see “Christian Crisis Management Expert: Why Christian Leaders Are Failing“), and Charisma News picked it up, word for word:

Why Christian Leaders Are Falling Into Scandal

With the constant news headlines of pastors and other Christian leaders falling away due to sexual immorality, misuse of church funds, denying certain Christian orthodoxy as well as others, the man that these Christian leaders turn to during a time of crisis believes he knows why our Christian leaders are failing. 

Hunter Frederick, the owner of the entertainment and faith-based crisis management and public relations firm Frederick & Associates believes that a reason why we are seeing more and more Christian leaders fall is because of the celebrity status we give our christian leaders. 
Frederick says: “We are building these leaders up like they’re Jesus and we treat them like celebrities, we are forgetting that these people are just as sinful as we are and that they are simply a conduit for the gospel.” 

Frederick also believes that the ongoing security from “ultra-conservative” Christian media outlets contribute to the celebrity status of those Christian leaders that they believe are preaching a false gospel. 

“While we need to communicate certain concern over false teachings, we need to be careful of the means in which we communicate these concerns. A lot of these ‘watchman ministries’ believe it’s their goal to ‘call out’ these leaders while at the same time evaluating their celebrity status and enable them to use said media attention to their advantage.”