What is law?

What is the basis for law?

What ultimately determines whether a thing is lawful or lawless?

What we often automatically and unconsciously presuppose about the origin and nature of law determines what we will allow ourselves to see and consider from that point forward. Our presuppositions about the essence of law dictate which “truths” we will acknowledge as legitimate and which “realities” we will allow on our radar.

Where we really begin with our consideration of law is fundamental to where we will allow ourselves to go (and be taken) in pursuit of answers.

The same goes for family, marriage, liberty, freedom, and life itself. That’s just how things work in God’s creation. Always has been. Always will be. There are no exceptions and there is no workaround. Everything in His creation is bound and defined by His Nature as revealed in His Word, whether or not we believe it, acknowledge it, or like it. (See: Art, math, beauty, logic, law and economics…it’s all about Him.)

Law, as with all other things in the created universe, can only begin to be rightly understood by going to the beginning:

In the beginning, God created . . . ~ Genesis 1:1a

For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together. ~ Colossians 1:16-17 (bold emphasis added)

So it is that we understand that law is not a creation or invention of man. Law is not something that man can tweak or modify as he sees fit apart from the Nature of God as revealed in His Word.

Law belongs to God. It is a reflection of Him in His creation. It is born from, bound to, defined by and dependent upon His Nature. (See: What does Jesus bring to politics, education, law, and economics?)

Only with this simple but profound and essential truth in hand and held tight are we are able to rightly understand and apply law in God’s creation.

But we aren’t really encouraged to think of law this way, are we?

Of course not.

Every unbelieving “expert” and “leader” in the land  – be they of a Pagan Political Right or Pagan Political Left flavor – is all about promoting and reinforcing the notion that law is man’s and that any consideration of law here “in the real world” must begin with the assumption – the presupposition – that man is somehow, some way legitimately empowered and entitled to determine for himself what is lawful and what is lawless. (See: How’s that Pagan “conservatism” workin’ out for ya, Christian?)

What could be more American than that?

And what could more quickly and easily provide clarity as to why our culture is spiraling into oblivion before our lawless, unbelieving little eyes?

What else could we have ever expected from a land proudly and defiantly built upon the “virtue” of religious pluralism? What else could have ever come to any land whose people claim the “right” (God-given, even) to openly worship false gods? (See: Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to worship false gods. Repent accordingly.)

How could any people so proudly consecrated to the promotion of religious pluralism produce anything better than “legal” child sacrifice and “gay marriage” at the end of the day? (See: “Supreme Court” Votes for Wrath of God Upon America and Note to ‘Merica: There is no “God-given right” to murder children. Repent accordingly.)

Why would we expect any more or any better from a “land of the free” where “freedom” includes the “right” to openly worship Satan? (See: Detroit celebrates All-American “right” to worship Satan. [insert “U! S! A!” chant here].)

This is where law leads when we presuppose it to be man’s plaything.

This is what law becomes when we imagine it to be anything other than wholly reliant upon the Nature of God as revealed in His Word.

This is the lesson of America…a lesson that the Church is well served to note and apply as we move forward through this temporary wreckage and toward the supernatural victories and restoration to come, all by His grace, all for His glory, and all to the eternal benefit of His people. (See: Roaring into Post-America Christianity.)


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