Church PewsFourteen years ago today Americans watched in disbelief as radical Muslim terrorists hijacked airplanes and killed thousands of innocent people in an act of barbarism and evil we thought would never hit us here in America.  In the following days, some asked “Where was God?” or “How could a loving God let this happen?”.  A sad testimony to our sinful human nature–taking credit for the good things of life and blaming God for the bad things.

Christian churches swelled with record attendance the following Sunday as Americans, afraid their world was collapsing, suddenly seemed to take God seriously.  Well, one week later church attendance was already down below what it was the week before 9/11.

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So where are we fourteen years later?  Professing Christians are more apathetic as a whole than ever; committed Christians are being marginalized and discriminated against because of their “hate”; and Islam remains the darling of the media, falsely presented as a religion of peace and tolerance–Islam, which calls for the stoning of adulterers and homosexuals.

We may have rebuilt the physical damage done by Muslim terrorists on 9/11, but these attacks did more damage to us than just our economy or security–they exposed the soft spiritual underbelly of a nation claiming to be “one under God” , yet thumbing our noses at a holy God and His Word.

Is America on the verge of true spiritual bankruptcy?  Is the visible Christian church only a shadow of what Jesus wants His bride to be?  Is there any real desire to repent and return to God?  Or are we too far down the slippery slope?

Joining us to discuss biblical Christianity, the church and the growth of Islam is former Muslim Elijah Abraham.  In addition to giving us a reality check on the spiritual abyss in our nation, Elijah will share what God is doing in third world countries to bring unbelievers into the saving grace of the gospel.