The Gospel alone has the power to save anyone from eternal damnation.  We cannot save anyone–but we can plant seeds of truth in a person’s life and pray that God makes the seed grow.  That is our responsibility– to share the truth of God’s Word with lost people.

But in a world that increasingly rejects God and truth, how do we at least get people to be willing to hear and consider the truth?  How do we respond to attacks from atheists and evolutionists and simply give them something to think about?

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We’re joined today by apologist and author Jay Seegert of The Creation Education Center to discuss how we can be effective “seed planters” and vessels of God to give lost people something to think about.

We will also take a look at what is happening in the Middle East:  There are reports that Russia is now sending troops to Syria as part of the ongoing war between ISIS Sunni terrorists and Shiite factions led by Iran in a power struggle to see who will be the dominant force in radical Islam moving forward.  All this with the background of our President paving the way for Iran to get a nuclear weapon and billions of more dollars to fund terrorism and wage war against Israel and the U.S.