When the U.S. Supreme Court reached its opinion that homosexual marriage was a constitutional right, many of us knew that rather than the final battle, it was merely the opening salvo in a battle for religious freedom in our nation.  The key question that would unfold is this:  Can a nation force people of religious conscience to act against their beliefs?  This of course flies in the face of the religious freedom guaranteed in the Constitution itself.  But many liberals never let a little thing like the U.S.  Constitution–much less the Word of God–stand in the way of their agenda.

It is much easier to stand on the sidelines as Christians and pontificate about what a person like Kim Davis should do when we have nothing to lose in the short run.  She is risking her career to take a stand, and we admire her for that.  And as many Christians encourage her to stand firm, I wonder if we would be as brave if it were our career and financial security on the line?  Many years ago when I worked at a bank, I was set to propose a controversial new idea to our Board of Directors, and I discussed the issue with my immediate supervisor before making the proposal.  He quipped “Mike, you can always tell the real pioneers-they’re the ones with the arrows in their backs”.  Well Kim Davis and others are taking arrows, and we should be in prayer for her and all those standing up against religious oppression.  And let’s be slow to criticize them if they do not make the same decisions we claim we would make if we were in their circumstances.  It takes no bravery to tell others what they should do.

This issue of religious freedom is one we should take very seriously as Christians.  Make no mistake, the radical liberal lobby is not interested in “equality” where homosexuals have equal rights.  They are interested in nothing less than the eventual surrender of Christianity in this nation.  The traditional argument for homosexual “marriage” was “We just want people to have equal rights and have no interest in imposing those beliefs on anyone”.  Well look how quickly the attacks on any Christian who objects to an unbiblical union of same sex “marriage” has accelerated in just a few short months.  Businesses have been shut down and Christians viciously attacked as “homophobes” and “haters” just because they happen to believe that God should actually define marriage–not 9 judges who consider themselves “supreme”.

I am firmly in the camp supporting Christians who stand up to the government and resist when we are asked to compromise our Christian principles and values.  But one thing we should remember is this:  Religious freedom, while guaranteed in our Constitution, will no longer exist in the coming decades.  Our only real religious “freedom” will actually be a bondage where we are free to express our religious convictions as long as they conform to the politically correct, humanist majority that is coming to power in our nation.  I believe soon “hate crime” legislation, emotionally and recklessly passed over the past two decades, will become the weapon the enemy uses to try to extinguish biblical Christianity in our nation.

We must begin by facing facts:  Christianity–real bible-believing, born again Christians who believe the Word of God is eternal truth–are in the minority in this nation.  Sure nearly 80% of our nation’s citizens claim to be Christians, but in reality the majority are CINOS–Christians in name only.  Their “faith” is something they inherited from their parents and many are far more committed to their flesh than they are to God.

As true Christians continue to be marginalized and ostracized by a largely secular humanist nation, we will increasingly be painted as intolerant, hateful bigots who stand in the way of “progress”.  For centuries biblical Christianity was the dominant belief system in our nation and it was reflected in a society and government that actually feared God.  Well how quickly things have changed.  Bible-believing, born again Christians are in the severe minority these days and make no mistake, we are being targeted by humanists who blindly and perhaps unknowingly serve the “god” of this world.

So brace yourselves for very challenging times ahead.  And as we begin to see discrimination turn into real persecution against Christians in our nation, remember one important truth:   God is on His throne and not surprised by any of this.  He is faithful and if we remain faithful to Him we will be blessed by living with Him for eternity.  Jesus Christ will return–one day soon I believe–to judge every person.  He will reward those who place our faith and trust in Him, and sadly condemn those who did not believe in and commit their lives to Him.

It is easy and understandable to be angry at spiritually deceived humanists who seek to discredit and destroy Christianity in our nation.  But rather than succumb to bitterness or hatred, may our hearts be broken over the reality that many will perish for eternity separated from God for their sin and rebellion against Him.  Let us truly become a people of prayer that stands in the gap between the righteous judgment of God and a people much deserving of His wrath, praying that their scaled eyes will be opened to the truth of the one true God.