635768000124575079-Kim-DavisKentucky County Clerk Kim Davis has been at the center of a media storm the past couple weeks as she refused to issue same sex marriage licenses, was jailed for contempt of court, and now released under the condition she not prevent her employees from signing off on homosexual marriage certificates.

Now some are questioning if Davis is even a Christian because of her church’s views regarding the Trinity, but we will leave that discussion for another day. Today we want to focus on the charges of the secular media that Davis is a hypocrite because she has been married four times…and the charge by some that she is a hypocrite because she still approves of licenses to sell pornography by businesses in her county.

What exactly is hypocrisy according to the Bible? And are the charges of hypocrisy against Ms. Davis appropriate? Also should she have simply resigned instead of refusing to follow the mandate of the Supreme Court legalizing homosexual marriage?

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Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach joins David Fiorazo and me for a lively discussion at 9am this morning.