There is a unity of true believers Jesus prayed for in John Chapter 17–where the apostles would be one in belief, purpose and love of and commitment to God and His Word.

Then there is the counterfeit “unity” that Satan has been orchestrating in the darkness, convincing men that if we just come together and recognize our “collective consciousness” from within that man can develop a Utopian world free of poverty, sickness and pollution–we call this secular humanism.¬† But it is a secular humanism thinly veiled in religion, and in fact using virtually every world religion’s leaders to advance this agenda that is in direct opposition to what God has laid out in His Word.

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One organization leading the charge for global unity is The Parliament of World Religions. Our guest today, Carl Teichrib, attended their latest meeting and shares what they laid out as their vision and action plan to build the modern day Tower of Babel that elevates humanism and opposes the one true God.