Is technology our friend–or a tool for power hungry bureaucrats and would be kings to gain greater control over our lives?  Just how scary is it when our smart phones can track our exact location, and can actually be used by criminals to watch us, even in the privacy of our homes?

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1984, a classic literature piece by George Orwell, talked about a “Utopian” society where individualism and personal beliefs were discounted for the “good” of society as a whole–a scary world where individual beliefs and thoughts could be punished for the “greater good”.  Are we stepping closer to a society where individual beliefs and freedoms are eliminated so we can all become “one” in thought and action?  This morning we look at an article that spells out 17 ways the government may be spying on you, and conditioning you to conformity for the “common good”.  Just how much privacy do we really have?  And how long will we have any rights to individual belief or thought?