Welcome to the United States of cultural confusion and Christian complacency. Is it even possible to reverse the steamroller of godlessness? Many of us do not believe it is possible and yet, we are faced with attacks on truth and the reality of a culture that now openly celebrates sin.

How can Christian parents equip their children with a foundation of truth and prepare them for the peer pressure, perversion, and propaganda they face on a daily basis? It is important to be godly examples in the home, but it is crucial to have open dialogue about the issues kids face today. Nothing is new under the sun and sin has been mankind’s problem from the beginning, but things that fuel sin have changed and so has the fuel as well.

Check out the podcast to listen to the discussion with Dave Wager and Jeff Strommen of HopeNet Radio. We take a brief look at how families and parenting has changed in recent generations, and we explore ways to arm Christian youth with answers based on the unchanging truths of God’s Word regarding our identity and how we were created.



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