One of the principles for living a joyful, peaceful life from my new book is “Know what you can control, and what you cannot control. Here is an excerpt from “The Death of Christian Thought” that I hope helps you:

“I refereedbook-cover-mike football, basketball and baseball for years. Good referees focus on what they can control–knowing the rules and enforcing them equally. People would ask me how I could referee and not be affected by upset fans who screamed at officials when they made correct but unpopular calls. I would tell them “Look all I can do is know the rules and try to enforce them consistently for both teams. I realize that when I make a difficult call half the people will think I am a genius, and half will think I am an idiot. All I can control is what I do and call the game professionally and fairly as I see it.”

“Hosting a Christian Radio Talk Show for nearly six years has helped me realize that if you are swayed by every person who disagrees with you, you will not last long. When we try to control what others believe, say or do, we become disappointed, frustrated, and angry. Focus on what you can control, your beliefs and behaviors, and let God deal with the effects. You will have a better marriage and relationship with others. When you try to control the behaviors of others, you will only become frustrated, judgmental and bitter. Become cause driven, not effects driven. Strive to love God with all your strength and love others, not trying to control effects which are out of your control. When you expect others to do what you think they should do, you will find yourself growing in anger and frustration. Control what you can control–your thoughts, words and actions–and trust God.”

You can order a copy of “The Death of Christian Thought: the Deception of Humanism and how to Protect Yourself” at at a special introductory price. I think you will find it a useful tool to help you better understand the Word of God and lead a life of joy and peace by trusting God at a deeper level. The thought process you choose to use every day will either draw you nearer to God, or lead you away from intimate fellowship with Him. The more intimate your fellowship with God, the more peace and joy you will find, regardless of life’s circumstances. Order your copy today and start to learn how to use a “Godly thought process” right now!