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eric barger

Eric Barger

Since 1984, Eric Barger has traveled across the US and Canada presenting his unique mix of teaching and evangelism through “Take A Stand!” Ministries as he speaks at seminars, conferences, churches and Christian schools. As part of Eric’s apologetics ministry, he confronts both culture and the Church as he focuses on the Cults, World Religions, the Occult, Spiritual Warfare, as well as troubling trends and doctrinal issues facing Christians in these last days. His ministry exists “to see the lost saved and the church changed by the power of Jesus Christ.”

The Word of God teaches us the true enemy we fight is not flesh and blood but demonic spiritual powers.  And God has given us the necessary weapons to fight this enemy who seeks to destroy the souls of all men.  But are we as Christians fighting as effectively as we can with the powerful weapons God has provided?

Many have talked about spiritual warfare, but how many of us really understand it and know how to apply God’s word to our lives in this context?

This morning we talk with Eric Barger of Take a Stand Ministries about his new book, Disarming the Powers of Darkness: Fearless Conquerors in Spiritual Warfare.