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Brad Dacus

Brad Dacus

President, Pacific Justice Institute

Brad Dacus has coordinated religious freedom and parental rights cases throughout the western United States. And in 1997, founded the Pacific Justice Institute, where he continues to defend religious liberties and parental rights without charge. The Pacific Justice Institute has a network with hundreds of volunteer affiliate attorneys and handles more cases on the West Coast than any other organization of its kind.

In my latest book The Death of Christian Thought, I discuss how it is not the blatant lies that are most dangerous, but rather the clever deceptions of Satan and false teachers that are our greatest threat. Deception masked as truth is subtle, but very dangerous, slowly leading many away from the truth of God’s Word.

This morning we begin a discussion on an article by Tim Challies titled “7 False Teachers in the Church Today” that equips us to discern between truth and clever deception.

We also check in with Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute to discuss the many court cases and threats involving our religious freedom in America, especially the transgender movement.


Article: A law firm that defends religious freedoms and parental rights came to the aid of parents who were able to convince a California school board not to adopt a controversial sex-ed curriculum.

When board members of the Cupertino Union School District attempted to adopt the “California Healthy Youth Act” curriculum, parents packed the meeting to let elected officials know the lessons were way too explicit for the intended audience (grades 7-12).

Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute explains the lesson material went “very outside the boundaries of traditional discussion of basic procreation, and instead … went into subjects that are extremely controversial and very questionable as to their benefit.”


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