Dave & Jen Bell

President, Mahali pa Maisha

Mahali pa Maisha, Swahili for "A Place of Life", shows the love of Jesus Christ and shares His hope by enriching the overall holistic health of abandoned babies and vulnerable children.

Dave and Jen Bell founded MpM in 2010. After moving to Kenya in 2006 with their second born, Nate, the main focus was on AIDS education and working with youth. During this time work with multiple Children Homes was also a regular event, and it was during these times of visiting and assisting these homes that God began to reveal the fact that the huge majority of orphans will never be able to leave the institutional setting of a children’s home. The homes simply did not take the time or exert the energy to get all the paperwork in order for a child to be adopted.

With this burden on their hearts, the vision of Mahali pa Maisha was born. A place where an abandoned infant once regarded as trash would be loved and cherished, with the focused goal of seeing them adopted into their very own Forever Family.

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As we live a life of comfort, safety, and so many blessings we take for granted here in America, we need to be reminded that the USA is not the center of the universe. Around the world, there are thousands of Christians dedicated to missionary work and spreading the gospel to every tribe, tongue and nation.  And in too many countries, our brothers and sisters face discrimination, imprisonment and even death. Our responsibility as Christians is to pray for them and support them as God leads us.

Today we are joined by Dave Bell, who along with his wife Jen, have been missionaries to Kenya for more than a decade.  (MPM Kenya on the web) The Bells founded Mahali pa Maisha, an infant rescue center that helps care for and locate Christian families to adopt orphaned babies.

Dave joins us to talk about the work God has them doing and the obstacles they face in sharing the gospel and the hope of Jesus Christ in poor nations. We will also share a few news stories of Christians in Africa, North Korea, India, and China being persecuted for their faith in Christ.


Tonight in Neenah, WI: Ice Cream Social to benefit Dave and Jenn Bell, ‘Mahali pa Maisha’ – an infant rescue center in Kenya. 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. Schlidt Park, 1780 Cold Spring Road, Neenah WI 54956



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